The Skye Raider

So maybe Captain Thunder wouldn't knee cap you, but I ain't him.


Skye Raider
PL: 8 
PP: 115 

Abilities: Str 14; Dex 16; Con 15; Int 15; Wis 16; Cha 14 

Saves: Tough 3 (+3 from suit*, +4 from helmet{head only}**); Fort 2; Ref 3; Will 3 

  • 6 toughness save total in flightsuit 
    • 7 toughness save total vs. damge to head 

Atk: 5 
Def: 15 
Ini: 3 

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff; All-out atk; Atk focus (1 rank; melee); Connected; Defensive Roll (2 ranks); Diehard; Dodge focus (2 ranks); Equipment (3 ranks); Evasion (2 ranks); Favored Environment (2 ranks, In the air); Grappling Finesse; Improved Grab; Improved Grapple; Inventor; Luck (1 rank); Move-by action; Power atk; Second Chance (1 ranks; Falling); Seize Ini; Stunning atk; Takedown atk (3 ranks); Tough (1 ranks); Ultimate Skill: Pilot (1 rank); Uncanny Dodge: visual (2 ranks) 

Powers: Device: Rocket Pack (3 ranks, hard to lose) (12) 
-Flight (6 ranks, up to 350 mph) 
Device: Helmet (2 ranks; hard to lose) (6) 
-Protection (4 ranks; Limited: head) (2)
-Enhanced Feat: Environmental Adaption (1 rank; High alt) 
-Immunity (7 ranks; High alt; Dazzle, Suffocation {limited-thin air}, poison {limited-airborne}) 

Equipment: Light pistol (6 EP) 
Flight suit (4 EP, subtle, +3 tough) 
Sap Gloves (2 EP, +1 damage) 

Skills: Acrobatics (aerial) 8; Concentration 7; Disable Device 6; Notice 7; Pilot 10; Profession (Crop Duster) 9; Survival 9 



Name: Jeremiah Douglas Skye
Identity: Hidden
Age: 28
Height: 5’9.
Weight: 187 Lbs

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Jeremiah Skye, better known as The Skye Raider, is a masked vigilante operating in the area around Freedom City, Rhode Island. Driven by the death of his fiance Aida and his grandfather Douglas Skye he patrols the skies in hopes of preventing the tragedies he’s experienced from ever occurring to others.

Brash, perhaps even reckless, Jeremiah believes that its his duty as the Skye Raider to never back down from a threat if it means innocent lives could be saved even if it puts his own life at risk. This somewhat cavalier attitude towards crime fighting has often times placed Jeremiah at odds with the Freedom League, the organized body of super heroes which defends the people of Earth.


The only son of his disinterested single mother Jeremiah was raised by grandfather Douglas Skye on the family farm outside of Freedom City. Life amongst the rows of corn and wheat seemed like a punishment to the young man who often stayed up at night watching the glowing lights of the distant city on the horizon. Much of Jeremiah’s early child hood was influenced by old war stories told by his grandfather, his experiences as an fighter ace in the Korean War serving as a gate way to the young mans imagination. Teaching him to fly the farms old, but still serviceable, crop duster as a teenager it wasn’t hard for Douglas to see his grandson’s captivation with flight. Pushing Jeremiah to be the best student he could as well as encouraging him to apply to the United States Airforce Academy, to which he was accepted right out of high school.

Already an accomplished pilot thanks to his innate abilities and Grandfather’s guidance Jeremiah tested high enough to become a combat pilot. Stationed at airbases all around the globe he would serve two tours in the Middle East before being resigned as an instructor for the legendary Top Gun program. During his travels Jeremiah met the love of his life Aida Selassie the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, who he proposed to only three months after their first date. The happiest moment of his life was when she kissed him after saying yes.

Eventually discharged from the military, for reasons unspecified, he gladly returned to the place of his childhood bringing with him his lovely bride to be. Douglas took to Aida as if she where already part of the family and life for the young lovers seemed perfect. However, of Jeremiah’s return spread throughout the community, as did word of his dark skinned bride to be and several weeks after they had arriving back at the farm tragedy began to unfold. Waking one night to the sound of the families live stock in a panic Jeremiah raced outside to find much of their herds slaughtered. Racist epithets and threats painted across the white farm house in pigs blood. A few days later men in white hoods chanting horrifying slogans placed a burning cross in the yard.

Unwilling to risk the safety of his family by resorting to violence Jeremiah contacted the local police. They claimed they couldn’t do anything as there where “No witnesses” to the acts he was describing. They suggested to him that it “Might be best for the community” if him and his fiance moved. Frustrated Jeremiah swore that he would stay, defending his loved ones and the farm with force if need be. The police officer only chuckled.

On the nights of January 31st, Jeremiah’s life would crumble around him. Aida woke him in the middle of the night. She could smell smoke. Unable to reach his grandfather Jeremiah did his best to get his fiance to safety. In the far distance he could see a man standing tall on a hill side, intently watching the conflagration, white hood and robes bearing a crimson red cross. By the end of the night, the old farm house had burnt to the ground. Douglas Skye had died in the flames and poor Aida would die later from smoke inhalation searing her throat and lungs.

Jeremiah would recover well after a brief hospital stay though his heart was broken and life shattered to pieces. Returning to the charred remains of the home stead Jeremiah came across a trap door hidden beneath his grandfather’s room. Inside the sealed chamber was shocking revelation. Wall to wall news paper clippings covered the exploits of “The Skye Raider” a plane hijacker and train robber who operated in the 50’s but was presumed dead after a fight against the heroine Lady Liberty. Jeremiah was unsure what to make of this new revelation, but knew that the means for his vengeance was provided by the Skye Raider’s panoply. Donning his grandfather’s homemade jet pack, highly customized revolver, and smooth nearly featureless iron helmet Jeremiah resurrected the legend of the Skye Raider swearing that as long as he would live, he would do everything in his power to protect others from experiencing the pain he so dearly felt.

Powers and Abilities:

As a mask the Skye Raider lacks any sort of true super powers, magical ability, or genetic enhancement instead relying on his own wits and skills earned over the course of his military and crime fighting careers. Jeremiah is more suited to doing battle street level criminals than the variety of super powered villains that plague Freedom City.

Equipped with the rocket pack and flight gear developed by his Grandfather he can easily move around the battlefield at speeds of up to three hundred and fifty miles per hour. Clever use of his rockets allows Skye Raider to perform aerial maneuvers in combat while also allowing for short hops and dashes to avoid attacks while on the ground. The custom iron helmet designed by his Grandfather protects him from the dangers of high altitude combat as well as providing him with the additional benefit of a immunity to several light based effects.

A superbly talented pilot with experience in both civilian and military duties there are few citizens of Freedom City who feel more comfortable in the air. A former fighter pilot for the United States Airforce, Jeremiah served for two tours in the middle east before being given a training role at the Top Gun program. Following his discharge he aided his Grandfather’s farming operation by flying their small two seat crop duster. Though he technically retired after receiving his inheritance Jeremiah still provides crop dusting services to several of the smaller farming operations which can’t afford the rising cost of more modern agricultural methods often working pro bono.

The Skye Raider is well served in close quarters battles as well. His military training only serve to increase his already impressive “farm boy” accuracy with his trade mark revolver, while his reinforced leather flight gloves allow him to throw punches without him having to worry about breaking his hand in the process.

The Skye Raider

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