They say you can't outrun Death, but I've done it. What are your chances of outrunning me?


PL: 9
PP: 150 

Abilities: Str 12; Dex 20; Con 12; Int 10; Wis 14; Cha 14 

Saves: Tough 9 (1+3 from armoured suit+5 from Defensive Roll) / 4 flatfooted; Fort 1; Ref 7; Will 2 

Atk: 5 
Def: 7/4
Ini: 5

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff; Ambidexterity; Defensive Roll (5); Equipment (1); Evasion (1); Improved Disarm (1); Improved Sunder; Redirect; Sneak Attack (1)

Ghost Form (Reaction; Affects Others) (8 ranks)

  • Insubstantial (4 ranks)
  • Passive Concealment (5 ranks)
  • Flight (3 ranks)
  • Immunity (Life Support) (9 ranks)

The Sword of Death (Device; Easy to Lose) (3 ranks)

  • Disintegration, Touch Range, Fort 15 to resist (5 ranks)

Regeneration (Only While Dead, automatic success, complete resurrection after 5 hours) (12 ranks as 9/1/2)

  • Morph (Alternate power, Any humanoid, permanent change) (6 ranks)

Armoured suit (3 EP, +3 tough) 
Cell phone (1 EP)
Flashlight (1 EP)

Skills: Acrobatics 9 (14); Bluff 8 (10); Climb 1 (2); Computers 2 (2); Disguise 7 (9); Drive 4 (9); Gather Info 3 (5); Intimidate 6 (8); Investigate 3 (3); Knowledge (Streetwise) 2 (2); Notice 6 (8); Sleight of Hand 8 (13); Stealth 9 (14)



Name: Sandra Ava Collins… probably
Age: 30… probably
Height: 5’8"… for now
Weight: 155lb… for now

Formerly the masked superhero known as Blackbird, Sandra Collins escaped the clutches of Death with the help of an unnamed soul. They woke up together as a gestalt consciousness, Cheshire, unexpectedly having brought the Sword of Death with them from the underworld. Much of her past life remains a blur.

While her companion is somewhat vengeance-driven after decades dead, Sandra maintains her focus on doing right. With the rest of the superhero community still mourning the loss of Blackbird, it’s unclear how she’ll be accepted in the future, especially with the brutally fatal nature of the Sword of Death.


Data corruption.

Powers and Abilities

With one foot still in the grave, Cheshire retains the ability to skip back and forth across the dividing line between life and death. In her ghostly form, she’s capable of flight at 450 miles per hour. Furthermore, having returned from the dead once before, it’s unlikely that she’ll stay dead in the case of future fatality.

The Sword of Death, while not as potent as it’s sibling artefact, the Scythe of Death, possesses the power to harvest the life force of anything it cuts, leaving nothing but ash behind.

She also retains some of the skills she learned as Blackbird, particularly her acrobatics and fencing skills. To that, her companion brings a wicked streak of deception.


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