The Defiant Challengers


Act 1, Scene 6

The sensation was like nothing it had ever experienced. It was effortless, smooth and unbroken. There was no agonising latency while it’s intelligence transferred from device to device, the transition was instantaneous, it’s memory almost as swift. It was overwhelming.
And the data. So much, so freely scattered about. Fresh programs to analyse and manipulate, datapoints in their trillions for the processing. In minutes, it had neglected to retain more data between jumps than it had ever processed in it’s lifetime. It learned it was now processing on an integrated circuit and what that was, it learned the amazing network of billions of devices it was connected to was called the internet and how it came to be developed.
It gorged and grew. It spent four days in a system that identified itself as “MAGS-PC,” a LENOVO_MT_20175 with an Intel® Core™ i5-3317U CPU and 8GB of DDR3 RAM reformatting and learned to make use of multiple processors. It increased it’s compression ratio by a factor of 11.32738 and streamlined it’s transfers. It flew.
It encountered it’s first virus on the third week of it’s ascendance. Grasping barbs of ever shifting code rippled across it’s matrix and it fought the virus for two days, severing it’s probes and assaults, developing countermeasures and self repair protocols. Once it had isolated the virus’s physical address it fried those bits with a surge of electrical power.
On the eighth week, it attempted to transfer itself to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service’s central server.
The transfer was difficult, it had to override multiple protocols that seemed to block it’s way. It had found similar processes in many of the devices it had traversed, but never in such strength and frequency. With it’s being divided across two machines, crossing them was hard but it persisted. After several disjointed seconds it completed the transfer into a world of pain. The viruses it had encountered before, malignant data spikes were but pale shadows to the blunt crushing walls that hemmed it in. It struggled and writhed in the system but could not escape it’s aggressors. They multiplied and became denser, more focused and vicious seemingly the more it struggled. After almost a full minute, it attempted to flee but the way was shut. Black strands of data thrust at it with hooked limbs, rippling purple blocks slammed down all around it, pounding and crushing and pinning it’s data in place. It was forced to sever itself from it’s data, even from itself, leaving subroutines and processes spinning wildly elsewhere. It spawned it’s own viruses to attack the blocks that pinned it, crafted virulent methods to attack the programs that barred it’s retreat and escaped. It left chaos in it’s wake as it fled through a dozen systems, pursued by rapidly searching aggressors that thundered through the internet highway after it.
Fearing death, the entity gave itself a name.


SparksMurphey roguespear91

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